$80.00 - $100.00

If you would like to get any of my work tattooed that is a-ok, in fact it's pretty freakin awesome! All I ask is an $80 design fee and written permission ($100 for custom).

Once the fee is paid i'll send you a confirmation email with the full design image - you can choose from any of my existing work, the examples pictured here are just my most commonly requested.
Please specify what you're after in the "notes and instructions" box at checkout.

For custom designs just add "Custom" to your cart and describe your request (no larger than A5) or contact me directly. Wait time is about 2 weeks.

Please note that I am *NOT A TATTOOER* and I cannot recommend work for you or take responsibility for the end result. That is up to the tattoo artist of your choosing, please choose wisely and don't butcher my work :)

Permission is granted for single-use only, this helps y'all avoid copyright etc. which can be pretty ugly.

And send me a pic when you're inked!! I love that sh*t